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    Spotted: Color Palettes Trending for Fall

    There's a nostalgic coolness in the air. Leaves are starting to change colors. Fall clothing is making it's way to store shelves. Pumpkin recipes abound. Autumn is definitely around the corner. That's what inspired the new sets of color palettes I've created for you.

    As I looked around for inspiration, I noticed dark wine/burgundies pairing up with familiar fall neutrals. I also noticed some blue-grey tones mixed in with traditional fall colors for some pop. Enjoy these new palettes, and welcome autumn! 


    New Christmas Color Palettes for 2011

    I'm always on the lookout for hot, new color combinations to inspire my designs. As I browsed the internet, here are some color combinations I found being used on Christmas items. Hopefully these colors inspire you to create something cute. If you're looking for more Christmas color palettes, you can click here to see last year's Christmas color palettes. Enjoy!




    Easter Color Trends

    I'm counting down the days to Easter and so are my kids. Here are a few Easter color trends I've spotted as I've been searching online for inspiration.   


    6 Christmas Color Palettes to Kick Off the Season



    The tryptophan's wearing off. Black Friday's in full swing. Christmas songs can be heard in stores and over the airwaves. It's time to kick the holiday season into full gear with some color palettes to spark your creativity. If there's a palette you love, let's create your very own Christmas card using those colors. Snap a picture and send it to me. Within 48 hours you can have your own digital file ready to print and send to your loved ones.


    6 Great Color Palettes to Inspire You


    Since I've started designing and playing around with color, I find I'm looking everywhere for color inspiration. I get inspired by the outfits people wear, the paint on the walls, or the color of cars parked next to each other in a parking lot. These are just a few palettes I'm in love with today. Play around and link up if you use these palettes in any of your projects. I'd love to see what you create!