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    Easter Color Trends

    I'm counting down the days to Easter and so are my kids. Here are a few Easter color trends I've spotted as I've been searching online for inspiration.   


    Rain, Rain Go Away

    It's so rainy and dreary today where I live. Even though it's gray and soggy outside, the green grass and buds on the trees are more vibrant than ever, especially set against a plain gray backdrop. I thought I'd share a few of the rainy images from my art inspiration collection to brighten up this drizzly Monday.   

    Image via the Dreamy Giraffe

     Image via streetartutopia

    Image via onthesurfaceblog



    All You Need is Love

    Happy Valentine's Day from me to you. (Right click and "save picture as" to save this to your computer).  


    New Ready-to-Go Valentine Photo Cards

    I know what I'll be doing this weekend with my kids. We'll be preparing Valentine boxes, buying candy and getting the perfect cards ready for our friends. Here are 3 new cards added to the gallery today to help you get inspired. Each of these designs costs $20. The cards are 4x6 so you can easily print them at your favorite photo center. These are great to give a little extra personalization to the cards. It will be a big hit when my kids give photo Valentine cards to their friends instead of the generic store-bought cards. We're guaranteed to not have duplicates either!

    If you're interested in ordering a Ready-to-Go Valentine card, contact me using the form on the bottom right-hand side of the page. You'll receive instructions on how to send me your child's photo. I promise to email your file within 24 hours of receiving it, so procrastinators never fear! 

    From the top: #407 Come Fly with Me, #408 Pink Striped Valentine, & #409 Owl Valentine.   For more Ready-to-Go Valentine Photo Cards, visit the card gallery.



    Custom Valentine Printable Art

    Here's a great idea to spruce up your valentine decor and suprise your sweetie. It's a customizable valentine print full of luscious, lovely, valentine sentiments. But look closely, amid those words of love, you can interject the name of you and your sweetheart. The print is sized 8x10 and has a built-in white mat. All you do is print the art, crop it to size and place it in a frame. This would be a unique gift that can be used as decorations for many future seasons of love. To order this print, contact me using the form on the bottom right side of the page. Be sure to tell me what names you want on your print. The cost is $10.00.



    10 Ways to Use Your Digital Photo Valentine Card

    1. Print them at home.

    2. Upload it to your favorite photo center (mine's Costco) and get them printed the way you would for your photos.

    3. Insert the image into a Word document. Resize it as needed. Print it on sticker paper. Stick the card onto candybars or other Valentine treats.

    4. Email the digital file to friends and loved ones who may live far away.

    5. Frame your printed valentine card for a cute Valentine's day decoration.

    6. Share it on facebook.

    7. Use it as the photo for your Valentine's day blog post.

    8. Paint a wooden block and Mod Podge your card onto one side for a cute, Valentine decoration. (Get some inspiration by visiting this amazing website.)

    9. Use your Valentine card on a scrapbook page.

    10. Print many copies of the same card. Mount them onto red, pink and white cardstock. Cut each card into a heart. String the hearts together with Valentine ribbon and hang it across a window. (Get inspired by checking out this garland.)


    Ready-to-Go Valentines for Everybody

    I've got three new Ready-to-Go Valentines in the card gallery. There's something to please almost everyone.  

    This one's perfect for the pink, princess-obsessed little darling in your life. If you're interested in this one, contact me on the bottom, right side of this page and reference #403 Pink Princess Valentine.

    How about a more mature, elegant card personalized for your sweetie? You should order #404 Mauve Love Valentine.

    This #405 Motor Running Valentine would be cute for your little boy to give to his friends. I also think it would be fun to give it to your hubby or you your wife. We'll pop your face (or the face of your little car fanatic) into the driver's seat and you'll be rearing to go.


    Beyond Digital

    I've been growing quite the collection of scrapbook supplies over the years. I've started scaling back some since going digital. OK, hubby would disagree, but trust me, this is scaled back.

    Anywhoo, I still LOVE the look of textured cardstock lined up by color. I love the feel of stacks of felt just waiting to be turned into something amazing. I love seeing my stamp collection. In December I visited the American Crafts warehouse sale and stocked up on Gel Pens, ribbons and accessories. Nothing makes me happier than an organized, well-stocked supply closet. 

    I had to take a picture, because let's face it, it never lasts right? I'm always inspired by other scrapbooker's spaces. Link up and let's see your stash! 


    iPod Valentine

    Looking for a fun Valentine idea for older kids? Buy this Ready-to-Go Valentine's Day iPod template from my card gallery. I'll put your child's picture and name on the screen. Then follow these directions to create something like this:

    (Finished image and idea via and

    Your kids will be the rockstars of their class! 


    Personalized Valentine Cards for the Kids

          With Valentine's Day coming up, why not create a cute, personalized Valentine card for your kids to give their friends? Pick a cute template and add your child's photo and name to it. You can print them off at home, or upload them to Costco, Walmart or your favorite photo center and get them printed. All the cards are sized 4x6. If you want to keep the costs down even more, you can drop the digital image into a Microsoft Word document and resize the image. Copy the image and paste it multiple times into the document. Print the pages on your printer at home.  Check out the Ready-to-Go Valentine's Cards in the card gallery.