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    Ever Heard of a Happy New Year Card?


    Did time run out to prepare and send Christmas cards this year? Never fear! Why not send a Happy New Year card to your friends and loved ones now that the holiday rush is slowing down? A Happy New Year card is fitting to send out any time during January. Your friends and family will appreciate the surprise in their mailbox. If you like this card, I can drop in your photo for $20 or I can create a custom photo card to perfectly compliment your favorite picture. Send me an email from the link on the right hand side of my web page to get started.


    Another New Ready-to-Go Christmas Card


    $20.00, your photo, and your custom greeting and this card can be yours! I'll even photoshop and crop your picture if you'd like.


    Check Out One of the Newest Ready-to-Go Christmas Cards


    Check out one of the newest Christmas cards in the gallery today. I'll just drop your photo in, add your name to the bottom and send you the file all for $20.00. You can email your card, upload it to your favorite photo center for prints, or share it on your blog. The file is yours! It's not too late to throw together a quick, cute card.



    The Christmas Blues

    Here's another card I recently created. The blues in this Christmas card are made with the same blues from the husband's shirt and blue jeans, and her daughter's dress. The white frames around her daughters look like cracked paint. Doesn't it look fantastic? Can you say that your Christmas card perfectly compliments your photos? If you let me create your card you can!



    A Cute Christmas Card for a Customer

    I finished this cute card for a friend a couple of weeks ago. The tabs on the side of the picture have her kids names and ages. I think it turned out really cute. Of course, it helps to have a photo of cute kids to work with. Thank you to my friend for sending her cards out so early so I could post this here and show it off.

    Did you take any cute pictures over the Thanksgiving break? I can turn your photos into a cute Christmas card for you. Now's the time to prep your cards and get them in the mail. Contact me on the sidebar and let's get your card started!


    6 Christmas Color Palettes to Kick Off the Season



    The tryptophan's wearing off. Black Friday's in full swing. Christmas songs can be heard in stores and over the airwaves. It's time to kick the holiday season into full gear with some color palettes to spark your creativity. If there's a palette you love, let's create your very own Christmas card using those colors. Snap a picture and send it to me. Within 48 hours you can have your own digital file ready to print and send to your loved ones.


    6 Great Color Palettes to Inspire You


    Since I've started designing and playing around with color, I find I'm looking everywhere for color inspiration. I get inspired by the outfits people wear, the paint on the walls, or the color of cars parked next to each other in a parking lot. These are just a few palettes I'm in love with today. Play around and link up if you use these palettes in any of your projects. I'd love to see what you create!



    10 Great Photo Card Ideas

    1. Christmas Cards

    2. Birthday Invitations

    3. Birth Announcements

    4. Wedding Invitations

    5. Baby Shower Invitations

    6. Briday Shower Invitations

    7. Custom Thank You Cards

    8. New Address/Moving Notifications

    9. Baptism Invitations

    10. Valentines


    Welcome to Charming Bliss!

    I'm so excited! The ideas that have been swirling around in my head are finally coming to life. I've been designing projects for friends and family for many years now. I'm so excited that I'm finally ready to turn my passion into a business. Check out my cards to get started.

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